JAB Motorsports

3/9/23 Happy almost Spring everyone.  I was really hoping to provide a lot of good news regarding the racing for this year.  But for the future at least there will be no racing for us.  Life and the job is first to be taken care of.  And that is interfering with the racing schedule.  We hope to be able to go watch several but the racing is off the schedule again for this year.   We do post things from time to time on the Facebook account so that is the place to check first for updates.  

I hope all of you have a great spring and summer and are able to make it to lots of races anyways.

8/29/22  Wow the last 2 years have really flown by.    I can't believe that summer and the racing season is almost over for this year.   As should be obvious to all by now is that we have not been racing the last 3 seasons (this year included).  Covid is to blame for most of that, the rest is life getting in the way.   We are hoping that sooner than later things will change and we can get back to doing some racing.  But jobs and paying the bills tend to get in the way, l will be updating it all as soon as we know anything.