JAB Motorsports

3/26/2020   Well Spring is here, but as some of you have noticed we have not posted the schedule.  The Wingless Sprint Series will be racing without us this year.  Lindsay has made the decision to concentrate on her schooling and is taking summer courses to try and finish even sooner.  We are supporting her decision to further her education and career, in fact she made the Dean's list at her college this semester.  We are hoping to make a select few races depending on the schedule and Lindsay's schedule.  If we are able to make any races we will post it and to see some of you there.  

I will post updates as i know them, and as always you can check our Facebook page for updates.  Even though we will not be racing, we will still be going to the races and you can find us there to catch up and maybe buy some swag to wear.

Have a Happy and Safe Spring and hope to see you all at the track soon.

9/20/19 Well the season is almost done.  We are down to the last race of the season, and so far Mother Nature seems to be on our side and the forecast looks to be good.  Lindsay is currently in a points battle for whom is going to be Second in points this year.  Should make for some exciting racing.  This track always puts on a good show if you are looking for something to do this weekend.

Due to time constraints we have made the painful decision to take the winter off this year.  It will be the first time in 12 years that we have not raced in the winter, this is going to be different.  I might like this, or not.  Might have to go watch and get a racing fix.  LOL. 

9/5/19   What an exciting weekend that was.  Had a long trip down fighting the traffic, but that was expected.  Got a good nights rest and was ready to go on Saturday.  What a nice place to visit, gonna have to try it sometime when not racing.  LOL.   Lindsay did good in the qualifying and was 5th quick, and won her heat race.  They do 6 cars for the Dash and at the end they have each person pick a plate.  On the plate is a number and that is the starting position they will have for the main.  So Lindsay was 4th in the dash and of course picked a plate with the 4 on it.  It ended up being a good starting position and she was soon up to second.  Unfortunately several cars flipped or spun out and we had cautions to get through.  During one of those it was noticed that her left front tire was flat.  But with only 5 laps to go there was no time to change it, so she finished the race that way and was second.  Come to find out it had been going or was already flat for 30 laps of the 40 lap main.  It got a cut when she and another car rubbed tires.   Kudos to her for being able to drive it and finish so well.  

     The drive home was nice and sunny not too bad with traffic as it was Sunday.  So the car has been cleaned up and looked over and is ready for 2 days of racing in Cottage Grove.  If you feel like a drive it should be some exciting racing this weekend. 

8/28/19  Well Labor Day is almost here.  Summer is almost over, we have 2 races for sure coming up, possibly a 3rd.  Labor Day Weekend we will be in Coos Bay for a race, so if you are looking to beat the heat make the drive down and see some of our beautiful coast and some good racing on Saturday night.  The following weekend we have a 2 day race in Cottage Grove.  So we will be there both Friday and Saturday nights come on down one or even both nights and cheer Lindsay on.   Then if all goes well with the track officials, our last race of the season should be at Willamette Speedway in Lebanon, OR on September 21st.  They have been dealing with a lot this summer, at the moment it is looking good, if we hear differently we will keep you updated. 

     As usual i will stream live, but as this is in the hills on the coast, the reception there is iffy, so it might have to wait or not to any at all.  But i will try my best to get it on there. 

8/7/19  Good news.  We will be at the race the Saturday in Banks, OR at the Sunset Speedway.  Looking forward to being there again.  Lindsay has done well there in the past and looking forward to a good run there again on Saturday.  This is our last race there this season and the closest one to home.  So for those of you who have wanted to come out and watch her race this is your chance with out having to travel 3 hours.  After this we head to Coos Bay for Labor Day weekend to race there.  If you are looking to travel and want to see some racing also, this is a fun track to watch the racing at, usually lots of action.   Have a great rest of your week, and a safe summer and we will see you at the track.


7/22/19  Boy was the past 10 days a long 10 days.  So on 7/13 we raced at Grays Harbor Raceway for the last time this season, and our poor little engine that could, was not happy by the end of the race.  We took it home wondering if we still had an engine to run or not.  Cleaned up the car the next day and started it up, and she sounded good, things were operating like they were supposed to.  So YEAH! we get to go racing the next weekend. 

     Only it is now Saturday 7/20 and we are at Willamette Speedway for the first time this year, looking forward to it as Lindsay tends to run good here.  We don't even finish hot laps (practice), the engine is wounded after all.  It was not obvious what is wrong only that something is really wrong.  So we stayed and watched the races anyways as we were here and had nothing else we had to do. 

     We have cleaned up the car and pulled the engine, it will get sent out to see if it is an easy fix or if we are done for the season.  All the fingers are crossed that it is not a major repair  we have the next 2 weekends off, hopefully we can get it repaired before our next race on Aug 10 at Sunset Speedway.  We will keep you all posted on progress.

   Have a safe and fun summer.


6/29/19  OMG!  this year has been crazy so far.  I want to apologize for not updating this in a timely manner.  After our race at Madras we were supposed to be going to Cottage Grove Speedway, but Mother Nature had other ideas that weekend.  We then headed to Grays Harbor Raceway on May 25th just to get rained out.  Came back to Grays Harbor on June 8th and had a very good night.  Lindsay qualified 2nd quick, was 3rd in her heat race, and finished 3rd in the Main.  That is her best run there so far.  Next we headed to Cottage Grove Speedway on June 15th, qualified 7th quick, finished her heat race in 2nd place, and started the main in 7th place and worked her way up to 3rd at the finish.  Another personal best for her.  Last weekend we were at Sunset Speedway.  The track was great for qualifying, she was 2nd quick, and still fairly good for the heat races, she finished 2nd just a hair behind Pat Canfield.  In the main, the track was like ice, a lot of rubber and no moisture.  Everyone was driving like it was a skating rink, she worked her way up and made a 5th place finish.  Saw some good racing and lots of friends.​         On July 13th we head to Grays Harbor Raceway for the final round at that track this year.  If you are looking for something fun to do it is not that far and we would love to see you there.


May 6, 2019  Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend, with some racing and Cinco de Mayo celebrations.  We had the racing but not the Cinco de Mayo celebrations.  Went to Madras Speedway on Saturday for a race, was nice to see so many cars there.  Some of the usual suspects were missing, hope to see them at the next race, or soon.  Lindsay did well racing, she finished 3rd in her first heat, 2nd in the next heat, and won the Main.  Some exciting racing to watch and lots of fun.  Our next race is in 2 weeks in Cottage Grove, we hope to see some of you there.

            Our prayers are with the Weedman family at this time, keep up the good fight and we hope to see all of you soon.


February3, 2019    We hope that all of you had a really good holiday season and stayed safe.  The new year is upon us and the winter series is almost done, one more race on the 16th.  Then it is time to start getting the Sprint car ready for the summer.  Our first race is on April 20th in Cottage Grove, hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get the race in.  Lindsay has been busy with a new job, college and of course racing.  We will have new shirts for sale this year.  We posted the design on Facebook if you want to check it out early, and decide if you would like one.   


11/17/18  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I know, I know I am early with this but I don't think I will have time on that day to do a post.  We have the Sprint car all tucked away for the winter and have made it to one of the races in Salem so far.  Lindsay didwell and won her first heat , they do a total invert and she started last and worked her way to second place.   In the main she started on the poll and was leading when there was a series of incidents that she got collected in and it knocked off the chain and did some other damage so she was unable to finish the race.  But it is going back together and should be back down there for another race soon.   


We hope that all of you are safe and have a good Holiday and we hope to either see you at the track or hear from you soon.  Don't forget to check on Facebook for news also.